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Twisted Wonderland Characters

Disney’s Twisted Wonderland is a video game that takes the original Disney classics that the players experienced as children and turns them entirely 180 degrees.

Instead, seven dormitories were built, each of which contained students and was exquisitely twisted. Given that there are so many Twisted Wonderland characters, players would want to learn everything there is to know about them.

Heartslabyul, Savanaclaw, Octavinelle, Scarabia, Ignihyde, and Diasomnia are among the seven available dorms. Each dorm is a parody of a beloved Disney film, including.

The Little Mermaid, Hercules, and The Lion King. Each character is distinct from the others due to their personalities, tastes, ages, and heights!

The seven dorms house a total of 22 students, many of whom are connected through familial ties. This post contains all the twisted wonderland characters, read on to find out more!

About The Game

Walt Disney Japan and Aniplex collaborated to produce the Japanese battle/rhythm game based on the Disney Villains series.

The characters are developed by Yana Toboso, who is also the creator of Black Butler, and are based on seven different Disney villains (Queen of Hearts, Scar, Ursula, Jafar, The Evil Queen, Hades, and Maleficent).

Disney has worked with renowned Japanese game developers on innovative new interpretations of well-known Disney properties before, as evidenced by Disney Twisted-Wonderland.

Of course, Kingdom Hearts is the most prominent example, but there have also been others over time: A game to teach programming was developed by the director and character designer of Grimgar.

Ashes and Illusions, and a (discontinued) mobile game’s characters were designed by Air Gear and Bakemonogatari manga artist.

The player assumes the position of the protagonist in this game, whose canon name is Yuu. They fall into the Mirror of Darkness, a magical mirror that transports them to the realm of Twisted Wonderland.

There, the main character enrolls in Night Raven College, a school for magic instruction. There, Dire Crowley, the headmaster’s mask, grants you protection while you look for a route home. You’ll need your other students’ assistance to accomplish this.

Despite their talent, the kids in this school are all uncooperative troublemakers. Will you ever be able to cooperate with them and go back to the world you came from? And what exactly are these students, who possess the souls of criminals, concealing?

All Twisted Wonderland Characters

We’ve listed the guys by their names to make things simple below.


1. Ace Trappola

After being briefly expelled from his dorm for breaching a rule, Ace is the first student to join the protagonist at Night Raven College.

Ace Trappola is a quick student who is constantly getting into mischief. He is a mischievous and enthusiastic freshman.

Although his carefree demeanor contrasts with that of the other Heartslabyul pupils, Ace does respect authority provided it is earned. He is 172cm tall and his birthday is September 23.

2. Ashengrotto, Azul

Azul is the Mostro Lounge manager and the house warden of Octavinelle, a well-liked hangout on campus. Like the Sea Witch, who serves as the patron of his dorm, Azul is kind, attractive, and always ready to assist for the proper price.

Azul Ashengrotto, a sophomore who serves as the Octavinelle house warden, manages a café on campus that he frequently visits for information.

Although he appears to be kind on the surface, he is actually quite cold-hearted. He is 176cm tall and his birthday is February 24.

3. Riddle Rosehearts

Riddle Rosehearts is the house warden of Heartslabyul and a serious-minded sophomore. Riddle has a fierce temper but firmly follows the Queen of Hearts’ regulations.

4. Deuce Spade

Deuce Spade is a diligent freshman who aspires to become a reputable wizard. Deuce works hard but can occasionally be hesitant to learn new things.

5. Trey Clover

Trey Clover, a well-mannered junior and vice house-warder at Heartslabyul, serves as a parent figure for the kids living there and frequently has to mediate conflicts that arise as a result of Riddle’s strictness.

6. Cater Diamond

Cater Diamond is a laid-back, easygoing youngster who excels at reading a room. When matters get heated, Cater frequently mediates a compromise. He loves social media and is really trendy.

7. Leona Kingscholar

The first resident of the dorm is Leona Kingscholar, who is 20 years old and a Leo because of his birthday on July 27. He stands about 185 cm.

His older brother Falena, his sister-in-law, and his nephew are members of his immediate family, and he is a native of the Sunset Savanna. He is voiced by Yuichiro Umehara as well.

He enjoys playing chess since he is good at it, but he despises the thought of ever having children or even having to take care of them. He detests vegetables but loves eating anything that contains meat.

Leona Kingscholar, the housewarden of Savanaclaw and the haughty second-born prince in his realm, possesses strong magical prowess but is also incredibly sluggish.

8. Jack Howl

Jack Howl, a libra whose birthday is slated for October 11 and who is just 16 years old, is the next character we would like to highlight.

He is one of the youngest students and has a birthday set for that day, making him a Libra. He does, however, stand tall at 192 cm, which is fairly tall. Voiced by Taito Ban.

His incredibly organized nature shows his personality. While constantly trying to better himself, whether it’s his personality or his own goals, he prefers to concentrate on his own objectives. Despite the fact that he dislikes social interaction, he will never belittle others.

He enjoys growing cacti and tending to them, which is intriguing because he dislikes arguing or engaging in needless arguments. He enjoys eating pear compote but despises green onions.

9. Ruggie Bucchi

Ruggie Bucchi is a sweet sophomore runt who was reared in a low-income household. Ruggie is shameless when it comes to food and spends most of his time cleaning up Leona’s messes.

10. Jade Leech

Jade Leech, a polite and soft-spoken sophomore, serves as Octavinelle’s vice house warden. Floyd Leech, Jade’s erratic twin brother, is a sophomore whose moods fluctuate like the tide. He also enjoys calling people by their pets’ names.

11. Kalim Al-Asim

Kalim Al-Asim, the house warden of Scarabia, is a sophomore who was born into enormous riches but who continues to be kind and cheerful.

12. Jamil Viper

The vice-house warden of Scarabia and a sophomore named Jamil Viper has spent the majority of their life at the mercy of Kalim’s capricious whims. Jamil was born into a family that has served Kalim’s for generations.

13. Vil Schoenheit

Vil Schoenheit is a conceited junior and house warden at Pomefiore who believes that he is the fairest of them all and is always striving for beauty.

14. Epel Felmier

Epel Felmier is a petite and attractive freshman who keeps to himself and exudes a sense of mystery.

15. Rook Hunt

Rook Hunt, the mysterious vice house warden of Pomefiore, is a young man who values fine aesthetics and is quite fond of Vil and Epel’s attractiveness.

16. Idia Shroud

Idia Shroud, the withdrawn and depressed house warden of Ignihyde, is a young man who isolates himself and shuns social interactions.

17. Ortho Shroud

Idia’s enigmatic but kind younger brother, Ortho is optimistic and inquisitive and is never separated from his sibling.

18. Malleus Draconia

Malleus Draconia, a junior who is derived from fairies and one of the most potent wizards in the entire universe, is the frightening housewarden of Dismonia.

19. Lilia

Junior and vice house warden Lilia, who is in charge of watching over Malleus, is remarkably attentive despite his youthful appearance.

20. Silver

Silver is a sophomore who guards Malleus like a knight. He is cool-headed and laid-back, and frequently displays signs of obvious sleepiness.

21. Shoenheit, Vil

This Pomefiore Housewarden is totally preoccupied with his appearance. He detests those who appear untidy or who appear better-groomed than he does He is 172cm tall and his birthday is September 23.


The Twisted Wonderland character guide and tier list are now complete. We wish you enjoyment of this fantastic game! Knowing every character will help you identify which dorm and nature would be of most excellent appeal to you.

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