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Trials In Tainted Space Cheat Codes

This post provides a list of working trials in tainted space cheat codes. Using cheat codes in a game lets you do amazing things, but:

Precaution: These codes aren’t for new or unaware players. If you use them, your game quests and progress might get messed up. So, It’s a good idea to save your game before trying any of these cheats.

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88 mph:Skips time.
AmazonForces the usage of Amazon effects in the treatment.
AnofferyoucantrefuseSkip to a certain part of Akane’s first quest.
BackinbizznessResets Bizzy’s interactions to before the player received her first e-mail.
BeshineforeverTo access the Doctor Badger cheat menu, type beshineforever (Doctor Badger, Nim-Foe & Doll maker).
BimboMakes the Treatment use the female effects against its will.
BullForce the Use of the Male Effects in the Therapy.
Clown carAllows ship flight with any amount of crew members.
CumcowForce the Treatment to employ Cumcow effects.
DollTo teleport to the start of the Kiro Quest Dungeon.
Fauxcow effect:Force the treatment to employ the faux cow effect.
Health deliverySummons Bianca if possible.
InsaneinthemembraneChanges Bess’ name to Runa.
KqvrgoodnessAdds 5 virtual reality programs to the PC’s inventory from or related to Kiro Quest.
LaploveBrings back the Lapinara Parasitic Female and Prophylactic from earlier iterations of the game (Lapinara).
Marcopolo:To open every planet.
MitziTo instantly rescue Mitzi.
Motherlode+ Xp to level up.
NastinessResets the Nastizia event chain to Pre-invite.).
PoisonModifies girl scenes.
TIS the seasonSeasonal menu with a list of notable holidays.
TreatmentMakes the Treatment use the standard effects by default (only if you have used one of the previous cheats).
UP+DOWN+LEFT+RIGHT (with arrows)+5x Zil Ration.
UltraUnrestricted item use (for consumable items).
wargiiandbessResets the Siege of the Korg’ii Hold quest progress, along with any progress in Eitan’s relationship.

Using Cheat Codes In Trials In Tainted Space

Cheat codes can improve your experience in Trials in Tainted Space, allowing you to access various features and benefits within the game.

To make the most of these cheats, follow these instructions:

1. Locate the Console in the Codex

To begin your cheat code adventure, you’ll need to find the game’s console. This handy tool is folded away in the Options section within the Codex.

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2. Type the Codes Into The Console

Once you’ve located the console, it’s time to enter your cheat codes. Just type them in as instructed. But here’s the catch: the console itself won’t activate specific codes.

3. Use The Codex Screen For Activation

To activate those fantastic cheat codes, you’ll need to switch to the Codex screen. This is a special interface within the Codex where you can input more complex commands and codes.

4. Enter Your Desired Codes

Now that you’re on the Codex screen, go ahead and enter the cheat codes you want to use.

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5. Double-Check Your Codes

To prevent any casualties, it’s important to ensure that you’ve entered the codes correctly. If you’re ever in doubt or run into any issues, you can refer to the Codex documentation for more guidance.

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