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Idle Apocalypse Codes

The whole point of Idle Apocalypse is to destroy the good folks and ruin everything. Nevertheless, that seems like too much labor to keep up with. In exchange for your time, it would be great to receive some free goods.

Who doesn’t enjoy getting free upgrades and in-game items? You will be able to get some really ridiculous boosts for your adventures with Idle Apocalypse hack codes, though.

Since Idle Apocalypse is a very well-liked clicker game, these cheat codes are probably updated frequently when milestones are reached. Continue reading to find out how to redeem them, as well as how to acquire all of your goods quickly.

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About The Game

Idle Apocalypse’s constant objective is to carry out the event that bears its name. For a predetermined amount of time, each one will let all of your summoned idols attack the globe;

these attacks will eventually turn into Souls. You will have to rebuild the tower and start over on Stage 1 when the timer goes off.

Idle Apocalypse, a game by Grumpy Rhino Games, presents a reversal of events in which the player assumes the role of the protagonist’s deadly adversary instead of the hero.

You must, of course, overcome them. The fact that this simulation game may be played in idle mode adds to its excitement and makes it ideal for those with limited time.

You can get a range of freebies with idle Apocalypse codes to help you upgrade your tower, such as space ore, wheel tokens, soul tokens, and nether tokens. Tokens give you more spins on the daily prize wheels, while Gems and Ore are significant currencies.

Idle Apocalypse Codes

  • BADIDEA – Cheat code reward: redeem for some gifts Soul tokens (x10)
  • ENIDSUX – Cheat code reward: redeem for some gifts Gems (x25)
  • SPIDERS – Cheat code reward: redeem for some gifts Wheel tokens (x5)
  • VAMPIRE – Cheat code reward: redeem for some gifts 3 Halloween Token
  • WX6E9E3 – Cheat code reward: redeem for some gifts Space Ore (x3)
  • NORBERT – Cheat code reward: redeem for some gifts Nether Tokens (x3)
  • CHEATER – Cheat code reward: redeem for some gifts Gems (x50)
  • FINALLY – Cheat code reward: redeem for some gifts Gems (x50)

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How To Idle Apocalypse redeem code?

Do you need help with how to enter Idle Apocalypse’s cheat codes? Here’s how to utilize the redemption codes in a few simple steps; it’s straightforward:

  • First, launch the game and tap the Settings icon located at the top of the display.
  • A new window will open. In the “Enter code” field, enter the codes we supplied above.
  • Press the “Confirm” button to start receiving in-game rewards right away.


Players for space ore, tokens, gems, and other in-game prizes can redeem these codes. Do have fun using them.

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