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How To Make A Compass In Minecraft

No matter where you place your world spawn with a bed, a compass in Minecraft will always point there. Players can create it, trade it with expert-level librarians, or find it in chests worldwide.

Open the crafting table, then place a Redstone in the middle of the 3×3 grid to create a compass. In Minecraft, compasses are crucial because they allow users to navigate and find their way back to the spawn location.

Making a compass is easy and uncomplicated, but with a few pointers and strategies, you can get the maximum usage and benefit from your compass.

This article will explain how to create a compass in Minecraft and offer some practical advice for making the most of it. Read on to find out more!

Where To Find A Compass In Minecraft?

There are three naturally created places where compasses can be found. Shipwreck chests, fortress libraries, and village cartographer chests all have a chance to contain them. A compass can be purchased from an expert-level librarian for four emeralds. You can also make your compass.

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how to make a compass in minecraft

Creating A Compass In Minecraft: How To?

Place an iron ingot around each side of the Redstone to complete the compass construction. The compass you create will initially point in the general direction of your world spawn, but if you want to change its direction, you must create a lodestone.

You will need four iron ingots and one Redstone dust to create a compass. Find some iron ore, and use at least a stone pickaxe to mine it.

The brown spots on it can identify iron. Look for Redstone ore when you are in your mines. Its red specks may identify it and light up when you move or hit it.

Minecraft’s Redstone Ore

To mine the Redstone ore, you will, at the very least, require an iron pickaxe. Wait for the iron to finish cooking after smelting the iron ore in a furnace.

Bring your supplies to a crafting table, set your Redstone dust in the center slot, and arrange your ingots in a plus sign around the middle slot.

how to make a compass in minecraft

How Does The Minecraft Compass Work?

It is a simple compass; all you have to do is equip it from your inventory, and it will instantly show you the direction in which you initially originated on that planet.

If the red line in the graphic below goes straight, you should stay on that path; otherwise, you should adjust your course accordingly. A compass does not require any additional effort to operate.

The compass will always point toward your world spawn once you have finished crafting it. You must create a lodestone to alter the direction your compass points.

Eight chiseled stone bricks and one nephrite ingot are required to make one lodestone. You must find old detritus in the nether to obtain nephrite.

A lodestone can be used to set a compass to only point in its direction. This can be beneficial when you travel far from home and need a technique to ensure you can get home without coordinates.


Some of the most significant maps in the entire game universe are included with Minecraft. You can employ many different objects in the game for various situations, but the only way to acquire them is through exploration and travel.

Therefore, having a compass on hand is crucial if you do not want to get lost. With this, you may monitor your progress and go back to where you started if necessary. After reading this article, you ought to be able to make one on your own.

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