How To Get Soul Guitar In Blox Fruits?
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How To Get Soul Guitar In Blox Fruits?

In this post, you will learn the easiest way to get a soul guitar in Blox Fruits for free. Plus, how you can use It. The Soul Guitar is your greatest weapon in Blox Fruits.

It’s super strong, especially when you use it as your main attack. Even from a distance, its shoots can hurt sea creatures, and all of its moves cause lots of damage. And, the best part is that it can reach far, mostly with moves like Undead Notes and Soul Shaker. Let’s learn.

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Easiest Way To Get A Soul Guitar In Blox Fruits For Free

Before you can pick the Soul Guitars, you need to complete a few requirements:

1. Level Up

Your first step is reaching level 2,300 or higher, and once you’ve hit that target, you’re ready to unlock the Soul Guitar puzzle.

2. Materials Wanted

Gather some essential items, a Dark Fragment, 250 Ectoplasm, and 500 Bones.

3. Secret Message Hunt

Keep a close eye on your system chat while exploring the Haunted Castle in the third sea. Every so often, a mysterious message pops up, hinting at a full moon and some cloud action.

However, spotting this message is key to your adventure. With all these details in place, including the message, you’re all set to roll your way to the Soul Guitar.

4. The Quest For The Soul Guitar

Here, you have to tackle five mini-quests:

  • Graveyard Visit

Under the cover of night, head to the Graveyard within the Castle. There, offer a prayer at one of the gravestones to begin your tasks.

  • Zombie clash

Get your game face on at the Red Floor and take on the Zombie Horde.

  • Sign Shuffling

Your next gig involves rearranging board signs. Make sure they all point toward the direction with the most gravestones, and once that’s done, climb to the top of the Castle and have a chat with a friendly ghost.

  • Trophy Troubles

Take a stroll to the garden and make note of how the trophy pieces are arranged. Remember or jot down the pattern because it’s going to be your access to the next step.

  • Basement Bash

Find your way to the basement and start patching the pipes, aligning them with the trophy pattern from the garden. Then, change the colors of the floor tiles to match the shade closest to the pipes.

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5. Crafting The Soul Guitar

After completing these quests, head over to the Weird Machine and feed it:

  • 1 Dark Fragment
  • 250 Ectoplasm
  • 500 Bones

The Weird Machine will do its thing, and your Soul Guitar will be ready to be used.

How You Can Use Soul Guitar’s Attacks

Here are the best possible ways you can use the soul guitar’s attacks:

1. The Undead Notes

To activate this attack, simply press “M1” or tap on your device. These notes blast upon making contact with your target.

2. El Diablo

This is the granddaddy of all Soul Guitar attacks. To bring forth the fury of El Diablo, press “X.” It skyrockets into the sky and then explodes, dealing significant area of effect (AoE) damage. However, it regenerates your health by 3%, and 10% of the damage you deal becomes health.

3. Soul Shaker

If you’re in the mood for some soul-shaking action, press “Z.” This attack demands the same skull as the El Diablo attack.

The skull opens its weird mouth and fires a ray of souls toward your enemy. When that ray hits, it explodes, producing some high damage.

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Is The Soul Guitar A Great Choice For PVP In Blox Fruits?

Yes, the Soul Guitar is a fantastic choice for PVP battles in Blox Fruits. The Soul Guitar is no ordinary weapon, it’s a powerhouse in the Blox Fruits arsenal.

When it comes to raw firepower, it ranks among the very best. Many players swear by it, especially in PVP situations. It is ideal for PVP because the Soul Guitar brings some traits to the battlefield.

Its moves pack a punch and can deal horrible damage to opponents. When you’re in a heated PVP battle, having the Soul Guitar in your hands can make a difference.

However, the Soul Guitar can be a bit embarrassing at times. Its animations might not be the smoothest, and it might not feel as agile as some other weapons.

But, despite the occasional embarrassment, it still gets the job done. In PVP scenarios, the Soul Guitar’s moves are brilliant.

The Undead Notes and Soul Shaker, in particular, have great range and can catch your opponents off guard. Timing your attacks with accuracy can make you a formidable force in any fight.

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Can I Boost the Soul Guitar’s Power?

Just like other weapons in Blox Fruits, you can charge the Soul Guitar. However, to boost it, all you need to do is pay a visit to the blacksmith. This skilled craftsman knows the ins and outs of weapon enhancement and will work his magic on your Soul Guitar.

1. Materials Needed

To give your Soul Guitar the boost it deserves, you’ll require a specific set of materials. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 10 Magma Ores

These fiery rocks are essential for improving your weapon’s power. They add a touch of volcanic power to your Soul Guitar.

  • 15 Dragon Scales

These scales are the armor that fortifies your weapon.

  • 1 Dark Fragment

This dark fragment is the key ingredient that ties everything together. However, boosting your Soul Guitar using these items will result in a 6% boost in damage. That’s a significant increase that can make a world of difference in battles, especially in the PVP situation.

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